Tư duy nghệ thuật hậu hiện đại trong tiểu thuyết Việt Nam từ 1986 đến 2010 – Nhìn từ quan niệm nghệ thuật, tâm thức sáng tạo và thế giới nhân vật

From 1975s to late 20th century, there were limited activities of translation, introduction and publication of social-humanitarian of western works in Vietnam. The controversy of Nguyen Huy Thiep’s short story is a sad proof. The contrast in the controversy revealed the backwardness of literature logic at mentioned time.

In the controversy of Nguyen Huy Thiep, there was one noticeable writing: “Why I translated Nguyen Huy Thiep’s short story” by Greg Lockhart,published in the Literature Magazine, No. 4 (July-August), 1989. This article is a prompt response in a high suggestive manner. However, it did not get proper attention, especially in terms of terminology. Lockhart raised the question: “What is the new ingredient as for Nguyen Huy Thiep’s?” and explained: “And in Vietnam, we have Nguyen Huy Thiep’s short story. This is methods of life demonstration in the world at the end of the century. Therefore, this is the literature phenomenon called as “postmodernism” [p.113,114].

After Lockhart article, not until 1991 that there was one piece of translation of postmodern literature “Insights into the so-called postmodern fiction” by A.Blach, Literature Magazine, No.5. This article primarily suggested an understandingof some basic characteristics of postmodern literature and fiction, such as “complicated and unilateral”, “clear the boundary between spaces of art and technique, consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and devil” After this article by A.Blach, there was once again an interval. And 6 years later, in1997, in Literature Magazine, No.5, there was an article “About postmodernism” by J.Verhaar.According to Verhaar, the notion of postmodernism existence is connected with “irony” and “trend of freedom” [p.361]. In 1998, in Foreign Literature Magazine, No.6, there was an article of “Limitations of author category” by V.Marcok, stating characteristics of author category in postmodernism.



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