Tóm tắt Luận văn Industrial development in quang nam province in the current period

3.2.1. Quantity, value and structure of industrial production

Number of industrial establishments

The number of industrial establishments has increased steadily over

the years. By the end of 2014, Quang Nam has had 4,222 enterprises

operating in the production business, including 4,050 non-state owned

enterprises, 96 foreign invested enterprises and 76 local state-owned


The industrial output value (fixed price in 1994) has been growing at

an average annual rate of 25.2% per year.

Value of the industry production

In the period 2010-2014, the industrial production value (comparative

price of 2010) reached an average growth rate of 25.8% per year.

Structure of industrial production

Quang Nam's industrial production has shifted towards a gradual

reduction of the share of the state sector, correspondingly increasing the

share of the non-state sector (private and foreign invested enterprises) .

- Non-state sector: contributing 67.5% of the total industrial

production value in 2014. The absolute figure of this sector is VND

6,830.83 billion. This result is partly due to the ownership transfer of

equitized SOEs, partly due to the fact that a number of new projects have

been put into operation, resulting in high value added.

- State-owned sector. The SOEs contributed 10.8% of the industry

value, of which the central SOE sector achieved VND 777 billion and the

local SOEs achieved 306.5 billion VND.

- Foreign invested sector accounts for nearly 22% of the industry

sector's value. Up to now, this area has had 52 projects in industrial

production; the production value in 2014 reached VND 2,216.8 billion.



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