Tóm tắt Luận văn A study on hedges in conversations in english and vietnamese films

The hedges must, certainly, definitely, actually, really,

absolutely, I’m sure, I’m certain, I do believe, in English and chắc

hẳn, chắc chắn, hoàn toàn, A chắc (là), A đảm bảo (là), A tin (là)

show the S‟s subjective belief on the reliability of the information.

On the other hand, when the truth of the utterance can be

checked and confirmed, the S use hedges such as the truth is,

according to in English and sự thật là, trên cơ sở, căn cứ vào, theo

như thì , rõ ràng là, bằng chứng cho thấy in Vietnamese to show

that he/she just tells the truth and says what he/she has evidence.

- Hedges to reduce S’ s full responsibility for the truth of the utterance

When the S does not have enough evidence to back up what is

said, he/she may qualify the information in the utterance as the

secondhand information by using hedges: X said (that), I

hear/heard (from X)(that), the rumor is in English and X

nói/bảo(rằng), Nghe đâu/nói, Có người thì thầm rằng in Vietnamese.

The low reliability of the propositional content can be assured

when the S indicates that his utterance is just a prediction or a guess

by using hedges such as probably, maybe, perhaps, can, could , may,

might, would, seem in English and có thể, có lẽ, hình như, dường như

in Vietnamese.



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